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  • Daily Watch: OpenAI Blocks China, AI Preaches, and Microsoft Stays Open

Daily Watch: OpenAI Blocks China, AI Preaches, and Microsoft Stays Open

Plus, AI health ventures and next-gen grocery shopping carts.

Did You Know? The term "robot" was first used in a play called "R.U.R." (Rossum's Universal Robots) by Karel Čapek in 1920. Fast forward a century, and robots are not just in plays—they're in your grocery carts and your Sunday sermons!

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By Jeffsainlar

On Today's Menu: OpenAI stirs the pot with a China block, Microsoft says "nah" to blocking, and AI's getting all preachy. Plus, AI-powered shopping carts and a new AI healthcare venture with Arianna Huffington. Ready to dive in?

The Daily Pulse (💓)

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  • OpenAI Blocks Access in China: Chinese developers are scrambling as OpenAI blocks API access in China. This move has left many AI projects in limbo. Find out more. Looks like OpenAI's playing hard to get.

  • Microsoft Stays Open for China: Unlike OpenAI, Microsoft announced it will not block API access to its AI models in China. Read more. Microsoft's keeping the door wide open—come on in, China!

  • Pulpit AI for Pastors: AI is stepping into the pulpit with Pulpit AI, designed to help pastors enhance their sermons beyond Sunday. Learn more. Holy smokes, the future is here!

  • Instacart's AI-Powered Shopping Carts: Instacart is rolling out AI-powered shopping carts to more grocery stores, aiming to revolutionize your shopping experience. Check it out. Your grocery cart just got a whole lot smarter.

  • YouTube's New AI Tool: YouTube introduces an AI tool to remove copyrighted music from videos without silencing other audio. Discover more. Now, that's music to our ears!

  • US Electricity Prices Spike: Electricity prices in the US are rising, partly due to increased AI and onshoring demands. Read the details. AI is making our lives smarter—and our bills higher.

  • Voters Prefer Safe AI Over Competition with China: A new poll reveals that American voters prioritize safe AI regulations over the rush to outpace China. Dive in. Looks like safety wins over speed.

Innovate & Integrate (🔗)

Thrive AI Health: A New Venture

OpenAI Startup Fund teams up with Arianna Huffington to launch Thrive AI Health, aiming to revolutionize healthcare with artificial intelligence. Read more. Looks like AI is set to give our health a serious upgrade.

Perplexity's AI Search Tool

Perplexity's new AI-powered search tool could eliminate the need for follow-up queries, challenging ChatGPT's dominance. Learn more. This AI means business—no more endless searches!

Future Forecast (🔮)

AI Protein Design: The Next Frontier

Ex-Meta scientists have debuted EvolutionaryScale's gigantic AI protein design model, set to revolutionize biology with new fluorescent proteins. Explore the future. This breakthrough could illuminate the path to new scientific discoveries.

As we wrap up today's tech tales, remember: the future isn't just around the corner—it's in your shopping cart, your sermon, and your healthcare. Got thoughts, questions, or a witty remark? We read every email—yes, even the ones you send at 3 AM. Hit "reply" and let’s keep the conversation going.

Stay sharp, stay curious, and keep inventing the future. See you in the next edition! 🚀